Sunday, March 6, 2011

Muncheez Mania

For the most part all of the restaurants in Georgetown are well established and have been in business for several years. There are several reasons for this which I will get into a some point in the future. But recently a wave of new dining options have changed the landscape of this historically prominent neighborhood.

One of these new restaurants is Mucheez Mania which opened last year near the busy intersection of M St. & Wisconsin Avenue. I first noticed this establishment when I was shopping at Rugby. It was a semi-warm afternoon and there was a short line outside near a window where you can order crepes to go.

Semi-interested I decided to invite a group of coworkers for lunch there. Upon entering I was immediately puzzled at the swank decor and retro hip-hop playing in the background. I quickly asked myself if I was in the same time period and if I was in a club. The music and mix's were reminiscent of an above average DJ which to this day still puzzles me as I have never been in a restaurant like this.

Leaving the aesthetics behind I previewed the menu and decided to order the grilled chicken and cheese wrap which comes with a variety of vegetables and a ranch sauce. My coworkers got a beef brisket cheese steak and a nutella and banana crepe. While I did eat all of my wrap it didn't find it to be too appetizing, my coworker was disappointed with his brisket and my other coworker seemed to enjoy her crepe. All in all we were thought it was an average meal.

(Grilled Chicken & Cheese Wrap)

But as I do with every place I write about I check it more than once to give me a clearer more objective picture. On my second visit I decided to take a friend of mine. For some reason I was in the mood for a hot dog that day. I had noticed from the last time I went that they had a wrap that came with a hot dog so I decided to go with my instincts and try it out. I ordered the Frankfurter which comes with a hot dog, cheese, chips and onions. Essentially a hodgepodge of stadium food all put in a wrap.

I was surprised to uncover that I deviously enjoyed this coronary nightmare. The flavors meshed well and the hot dog was extremely delicious. My friend shared this and an order of french fries as we sat back and listed to the solid hip-hop playlist in the background.

(Frankfurter Wrap)

During my last visit I was in the mood to get something light and healthy so I decided to try one of their hand made pita wraps. I ordered the Nana's original which comes with an assortment of vegetables including tomatoes, olives and cucumbers mixed with thyme and greek yogurt.

I can easily say that this is the best meal I had from them, it easily surpassed the previous two wraps not only in terms of flavor but also its nutritional value. I was also shocked that they were able to make olives taste good (FYI I hate olives).

(Nana's Original)

All in all Muncheez Mania offers a variety of food which is hit or miss in my opinion. The outdoor window is a nice touch and is now open since the weather is getting warmer. They are also open until 3:30 AM on the weekends which makes this place a solid destination if you bar hoping in Georgetown.

I don't think I will go here too often but I will have to try some more of their vegetarian options and crepes when I do. The service is spot on, the cliental are very nice and the music is very unique. So if you are in the area you should give this place a shot.

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