Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sprinkles Cupcake

The local war of cupcakes has been a battle primarily dominated by two establishments both in the Georgetown neighborhood. Now a new competitor has entered the scene. Southern California based Sprinkles has imported their talents and nation wide prestige into the mix.

Now Georgetown is the scene of a three way battle for the bragging rights for the best cupcakes in DC. My office is the breeding ground for debate on this topic and we are given plenty of chances to sample the competition. I decided to take a sneak peak by going during their grand opening.

I was greeted by a relatively long line and cameras both of which are reminiscent of a weekend in the Georgetown Cupcake line. The wait took no longer than five minutes which was great seeing as though I am not fond of waiting in line for food.

Upon entering I laid witness to a pristine selection of the aesthetically modern morsels you see below. Seeing as though this was my first time there I decided to order flavors that were unique only this this establishment. I decided to channel my inner gluten and get the chocolate marshmallow.

I was promptly given my order which I smuggled into my office so as to not arouse any of my cupcake crazed coworkers. After eating it I was a bit baffled, the flavors were there but it seemed too bland. Two days later I decided to try the lemon which was fantastic. The icing was superb and the little hard candy that comes on all their cupcakes was splendid as well.

Next came the first office party where me and my coworkers celebrated a couple birthdays with an array of cupcakes and pie. During this party I sampled the red velvet which was on par with both Baked & Wired and Georgetown Cupcake, their carrot which was good and their coconut which I found to be a bit overwhelming.

(Orange, Strawberry, and Cinnamon Sugar)

My last encounter came this past weekend when I decided to take home the three flavors you see above. Of the three I found the orange to be the best and one in which I highly recommend you trying. The Strawberry was good but not great and the cinnamon sugar was very delightful.

I would have to say off all the cupcake places that I have tried Sprinkles has the best icing which is the most vital part of the cupcake. But their downside lies in the fact that the cake itself is not as flavorful as their competitors.

It is always good to have competition and the arrival of Sprinkles only heightens the cupcake war. Their arrival has irked some (hint: the competitors) mainly because it is a chain which tend to kill the independent shops but needless to say they are here and will be staying as long as cupcakes are in vogue.

Their shop also offers a number of other items including the dog treats you see above you as well as bottled Coca Cola!!!! Cupcakes cost $3.50 each and there is no bundling discount. You can order online and pick it up in the store which is nice. The lines are nowhere near as absurd as Georgetown Cupcake but do go outside the door from time to time.

All in all this is a great place to get one of these popular treats. So if you are in Georgetown try if you might to to a Cupcake Crawl (I should patent the term) and see which one you like best. Stay tuned for my breakdown in the near future.

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