Sunday, February 27, 2011


Over the past couple of years Cupcakes have been in vogue. The advent of the show Cupcake Wars on Food Network has only increased the demand for those delicious treats. At the same time a similar food craze hit the DC area.

Frozen yogurt has dug it's own niche with a number of different shops opening up all over the DC region. The appeal to frozen yogurt as opposed to cupcakes is their dietary quality. Frozen yogurt is low in calories, fat-free and gluten free all of which can not be said about most cupcakes. The main shortfall of frozen yogurt is that it is a seasonable treat.

Now that weather is getting nice I have decided to put my cupcake binge on hold and go for the more healthy option. Since I work in Georgetown I have the unfortunate burden of having to live in the mecca of cupcakes so resisting the urge to eat them on a regular basis is an arduous task.

Luckily there are a few other options when it comes to snacks or desserts. I chose to try IceBerry which is located right on M St.. This frozen yogurt chain offers a variety of flavors piled high with a number of toppings that taylor to different crowds. If you are a health freak you have the option of picking fresh fruit or if you are like me you can top it off with fruity pebbles, cookies or even gummy bears.

My most recent visit came late last month on an unusually warm afternoon. I wasn't that hungry so I decided to skip lunch and have something small and healthy. The warm weather put me in the mood for something cold and refreshing so the first thing that came to mind was frozen yogurt. I ordered a original flavor with strawberries and fruity pebbles. It was both light and refreshing, it definitely hit the spot and did not damage to my midsection.

(Original Flavor with strawberries and fruity pebbles)

If you are not a fan for frozen yogurt I am also please to inform you that they have smoothes which are both delicious and healthy. I have tried the strawberry banana and kiwi, both of which I enjoyed.

In reality it is hard to judge frozen yogurt shops because of their vast similarities. Because of this I believe people have to nit pick on several nuances. The most popular complaint from this establishment is their customer service or lack their of. On the 4 occasions I have gone here I did not come across anything that resembles this inefficiency but I will keep it in mind and let you know about it beforehand.

All in all IceBerry is a solid place that is convenient for me. So if you are in the Georgetown area on a warm day you should try to avoid the massive lines at the three cupcake behemoths and give this place a shot. Not only will your wait time decrease, your waist line will too.

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