Sunday, March 27, 2011


At this point in time I have catalogued seven food trucks. I am in the process of writing reviews for another four. During this time I questioned whether I had reached the plateau of food quality from these mobile vendors. While there were a few exceptions among the crowd, the overall quality of the food was tinkering slightly above average.

That notion was quickly put to rest when I sampled Sâuçá. I had seen great reviews of both Yelp and Urbanspoon so I decided to give them a shot. My first encounter came during a cool January afternoon when they parked their station at the George Washington University campus. I decided to invite my sister to join me in sampling this highly regarded mobile food vendor.

Upon my arrival I laid witness to the most diverse selection of food I have seen not only in a food truck but at any restaurant I have been to. Their eight wraps, three soups and three salads span just about every region and continent on the globe. Out of the various options I had to choose from I took the safe choice and went with the fish taco's and a small chicken mulligatawny soup. The former which is called a Mexicali is a spin off of a traditional Latin American dish while the latter is a traditional Indian soup.

The Mexicali blends several different recipes to produce the behemoth wrap you see below you. It consists of vibrant cilantro marinated fish covered in a sweet mango pico de gallo sauce, topped with cabbage and then drizzled with a hot chili sauce. My first bite of this wrap was met with a barrage of different flavors which my palate could barely synthesize. Each bite took me on a roller-coaster of flavor the likes of which I did not want to depart from. To say I enjoyed this meal would be an understatement. I did not believe that you could put so many different flavors into a small wrap but somehow it was done. The soup was a good compliment to the frigid weather and was very flavorful.

(Mexicali Fish Taco)

The delight I experienced from my first encounter made me want to further sample their diverse menu. On my next venture I decided to sample their highly popular Pork Banh Mi. This wrap which draws it's origins from Vietnam is made up of pork infused with ginger, soy and chili, toped off with pickled veggies and lathered with peanut and coconut sauces.

I love Vietnamese food, Pho is one of my favorite dishes, but after trying this I have a special place in my heart for Vietnamese cuisine. After devouring this I was honestly speechless. The flavors mixed perfectly producing one of the best (you heard it) wraps/sandwiches I have EVER eaten. If you don't believe me look at the reviews on Yelp, The Washington Post, Urbanspoon, etc. you will see several rave reviews for this specific sandwich.

(Pork Banh Mi)

I think I have said all the positive things I could have said about Sâuçá. Their food speaks for itself and their popularity has blossomed because of it. They are the only vendor outside of Curbside Cupcake to have more than one food truck. At this point in time they have four trucks that hit different locations every day. I tried to visit this past week to sample their Mumbai Butter Chicken but was informed that they were all sold out of food when I arrived.

I may be going out on a limb here but I am declaring that this is THE BEST FOOD TRUCK IN DC. Not only are the prices fair but the food is both diverse and great. You can track their daily location on Twitter or Facebook or look on Food Truck Fiesta. They do take both cash and credit cards, lines are avearage and the wait is short. I look forward to sampling their entire menu which will be easier now since the weather is getting nicer.

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