Monday, February 7, 2011

Travel Special - In-N-Out Burger (Los Angeles)

Now that I have a steady income I have the ability to travel on a consistent basis to see my various friends in family that are scattered around the USA. This is the first of several posts which chronicle my travels outside the tri-state area.

I decided to make my first trip to Los Angeles to visit my cousin during Thanksgiving. Upon arriving I had only three requests, first to spot a celebrity in beverly hills, second to try and flaming lamborghini, and last to try In-N-Out Burger. I am glad to say that I was able to accomplish the first and third requests during my short time there and will describe the latter in great detail.

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For those of you who don't know what In-N-Out burger is I will give you a quick summary. It is a burger chain limited only to the west coast that has drawn a cult following. Known for their keen ability to serve some of the best and most audacious burgers in all the United States.

In-N-Out prides itself on serving fresh burgers using an age old recipe that dates to it's founding in 1948. Using only the freshest ingredients and the healthiest cooking methods In-N-Out separates itself from other fast-food chains. They are also famously known for paying their employees above the minimum wage.

These are only a couple of reasons for their rise to prominence. Of all the reasons their most important and what I have been told by everyone who has sampled their burgers is their indistinguishable taste. It is this taste prompts most patrons make this a weekly destination. I was told by all the people I met that it is a must try and that the lines would always be long. They also informed me that I may run into a number of celebrities who swear by it. The more I heard about this burger mecca the more I was beset by an ever growing wave of anticipation.

My odyssey which started at Reagan National Airport in Washington DC ended when I saw the sign I had seen only on the internet. I awaited in anticipation for what is said to be one of the greatest burgers in the world. We approached the parking lot to lay witness to the largest crowd I have ever seen at a fast food restaurant. Several cars were waiting for a parking space and the drive through line went into the street.

Luckily we were able to find a spot and were greeted by an even longer line inside. Before going I was told of their secret menu which consists of code names for how you want your burger of fries prepared. I did not look into in detail but was told by many to try either your fries or burger "animal style". I ordered a double-double which consists of two patties with two slices of cheese. I ordered it animal style which includes extra pickles, grilled onions extra sauce, and a mustard cooked patty.

(Double-Double Animal Style with french-fries)

After taking my first I was hit by a wave of flavor unbeknownst to me until now. The freshness of all the ingredients coupled with their secrete sauce made this greasy deity of one of my all time favorite burgers. I could not say the same about the fries which were mediocre at best, I should have also ordered them animal style but was hesitant about both being able to finish my meal and also about how many years this meal would take off my life.

What ensued was one of the biggest food comas that I have ever experienced. But I was contempt with this feeling because I know that I had one of the greatest meals I would ever have. It was as if it was poetic justice or a right of passage but I knew that there would be some post-meal suffering only fitting to a meal of this caliber.

So to anyone visiting the west coast I highly recommend giving this place a shot. As discussed before expect to see long lines whenever you go. Look at the secrete menu and go overboard, trust me it will be worth it.

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