Monday, February 7, 2011

The Great Steak and Potato Company

Not often do we associate mall food as being a desirable option. I personally abhor it, mainly because I prefer not to eat at chain restaurants. But whenever I visit pentagon city and am in the mood to eat I always go to The Great Steak and Potato Company.

Located on the bottom floor of the Pentagon city mall next to Taco Bell this chain thrives on serving it's patrons with some of the best subs and hoagies you can get your hands on. From a variety of cheesesteaks to gyros or even a baked potato this place is sure to surprise your taste buds and awaken the glutton in you.

Of the various subs that I have sampled here my favorite has to be the bacon cheddar cheesesteak. Every time I order it I shake in anticipation as I watch it being made in front of me. Prepared like a traditional philly cheesesteak with a healthy (get the irony) serving of cheddar cheese and bacon. I also add an order of boardwalk fries that I smother with hot sauce, vinegar, and old bay seasoning making for a tremendous meal.

When I feel the need to eat a bit healthier (sarcasm this time) I go for the buffalo chicken sub which comes with succulent chicken, buffalo sauce and ranch dressing. I obviously add an order of fries and a soda to complete my meal.

(Bacon Cheddar Cheesesteak & Boardwalk Fries)

Of the number of times I have eaten here I have never left disappointed. Meals cost around $8 which is average in this area. For both the quality and quantity of the food you are getting it's a great deal. Lines are average but do tend to get a bit long during the lunch hour.

So if you are ever shopping at pentagon city and feel the sudden urge to eat I would skip all the chains give this place a shot. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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