Saturday, July 30, 2011

Georgetown Scoops

Currently our fine city is under a heat wave of immense proportions. Popularly dubbed Heatpocalypse this current streak of record breaking temperatures has literally made our daily lives a living hell. The only way to I can bear out this heat wave is with a refreshing cocktail.

Unfortunately I cannot do this during work so I have to turn to ice cream to cool me down. This takes us to Georgetown Scoops, a tiny chic shop on M St.. I first stumbled upon this shop while going for lunch at Cafe-Tu-O-Tu. As I was walking I noticed a sign that said "Best Red Velvet Cupcakes in DC" and immediately began to chuckle.

This ludicrous marketing scheme worked because it drew my attention and caused me to try one of their cupcakes. I decided not try their highly touted red velvet and instead went for a cookies and cream which was fairly pleasant. I also added a small scoop of cookies and cream ice cream which resulted in a sugar overload.

Now that we are in the dog days of summer I make it a habit of refreshing myself with some ice cream or frozen yogurt. While I don't have the biggest sweet tooth times like these cause me to adjust my eating habits.

They have over 12 flavors to offer of which I have tried at least 5. Their proximity to my office makes this my go to place and far better than Ben & Jerry's. Of all the flavors I have tried their cotton candy and Napoleon are the best, so much so that I often combine them to satisfy my cravings.

They also offer a number of other options including milkshakes and sundaes which I have yet to try. You can also add a number of toppings to your ice cream to spice it up. I usually don't do this because I like my ice cream plain and am not the biggest fan of sundaes or banana splits.

(Cotton Candy & Napoleon Ice Cream)

All in all Georgetown scoops is a ok. While it is not the best ice cream place in Georgetown (I will blog about this soon!!!) the prices, location and flavors make me come back. So if you are in Georgetown skip the overpriced and overrated Ben & Jerry's and hit up this place where you can sit outside on one of their tables and people watch while enjoying this cool refreshing snack.

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