Saturday, July 23, 2011

Georgetown Wing Co.

In the dead of summer we are in the largest void of sports during the entire year. With only our national pastime to fuel our need for competition it's easy to say attendance at sports bars is at it's lowest. For men that means that our intake of bar food is at it's lowest point of the year.

With the NFL lockout nearing it's end football is right around the corner. With this in mind I decided to submerge myself into the culinary world of sports by visiting Georgetown Wing Company to feast on the food that makes sports that much better.

Located on M St. Georgetown Wing Company is a cosy nook feeding the needs of buffalo wing enthusiasts. Sadly I had never ventured into this establishment until recently mostly due to the aforementioned lack of competitive sports available at this time of the year. Regardless of this I decided to venture for lunch to reminisce on memories past and slowly get a taste of things to come in the future.

The first dish I sampled was an obvious choice that I made by glancing at the menu for less than a second. The over-loaded tots which consist of a bed of tater tots which are covered in mounds of bacon, melted cheddar cheese, scallions and sour cream which is all drizzled with hot sauce.

Even though the dish is an appetizer I decided to go all in and order it for myself. It tastes exactly how it sounds, there is no need to sugar coat it or provide an in depth existential blurb. To say I felt guilty after trying this would be an understatement. Overcome by guilt I could only eat half of it before I threw in the towel. I was particularly happy that they did not skimp on the bacon which is surprising these days. This is the perfect starter for a group of people with no regard for their caloric intake.

(Over-Loaded Tots)

On my next visit I decided to go full circle and order some buffalo wings which have evaded my stomach for months. Per the advice of our server I decided to order the second spiciest sauce, the M St. bully instead of the inferno because I actually wanted to eat all of my wings. I ordered the lunch special which consists of 8 wings and a side of french fries or tater tots of which I ordered the latter because they were out of fries.

The wings were solid but to say the sauce was hot would be like saying fast food can be healthy. Regardless of this disappointment I was fairly please with my meal as well as the reasonable price ($9) I paid for it. They also have a number of other sauces some of which have drawn my interest for future visits.

(M St. Bully Boneless Wings and Tots)

All in all this place is OK in my book. The food is solid, the service was good and the prices are reasonable. The place is very small but was never full when I went for lunch. There are a couple of TV's which give it a sports bar atmosphere and would be an ideal place for anyone who wants a low key sports viewing experience.

They do serve a couple of beers including their own Georgetown Lager but I did not see any hard alcohol at the bar area. They are joined with Crepe Armour which is downstairs so you can order anything from their menu and have it brought up to you.

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