Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DC Brau

As this a blog dedicated to food and alcohol in DC and it's surrounding areas I am proud to present DC Brau, the first locally brewed beer since 1956. DC Brau Brewery is operated under the steady hands of Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock, both residents of the District of Columbia with years of experience in the brewing industry.

Although the DMV has a number of famous breweries including but not limited to Flying Dog, Old Dominion, and Dogfish Head there was no beer that was brewed within the city limits until now. Currently DC Brau offers four different brews three of which are sold in cans year-round and one which is a draft only limited edition.

(The Public)

The beer was made public earlier this year and has quickly made it's way throughout a number of DC bars and restaurants. My first experience with this beer was at Marvin sometime in April. At the time they were only serving The Public which is a pale ale. I am not the biggest fan of dark beers especially pale ales which are too bitter for my likeing. Despite my preferences I felt the need to support my city and give this beer a shot.

While I have tried a vast amount of different beers I am not going to pretend I am a beer connoisseur. In fact I am probably a hair above a novice when it comes to dissecting the flavors. The beer was good but I quickly went back to drinking the Hoegaarden I yearn for on a hot summer day.

(Me and my DC Brau at American Ice Company on the 4th of July)

They have only recently come out with their cans which is what delayed this post. I was completely unaware of this until I noticed it on the menu at American Ice Company. I was there with two friends on the 4th of July and decided that it was my duty as a DC native to support my city.

I ordered The Public again because they did not have any other options. My support was exponentially higher especially on a day that celebrates democracy and freedom in the US. Being a DC resident we do not have the same rights as the rest of the country, our slogan is "Taxation without Representation" because we are not afforded the rights that everyone outside the area has in voting for their representatives which in turn allocate the tax's that we pay.

I hope in the future to try their other flavors even though they are all pale ales and will continue to support DC Brau Brewing because they share the same animosity towards our current voting situation. If you are a fan of pale ales or a DC resident then stand up and show your support and join the grassroots campaign and maybe we will produce a watershed moment similar to that of a DC Brewery reemerging after over 50 years in limbo.

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