Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cafe Tu-O-Tu

I recently stared my first job after college and decided to treat myself by going out and getting lunch for the first two weeks. My initial intention was to try a new place every day to contribute to this blog but that was broken once I ate at Cafe Tu-O-Tu .

This chic cafe is situated in the outskirts of Georgetown and has loyal following of both local residents and workers. Waiting in line I would constantly hear fellow patrons applauding the food saying that it's their favorite place to eat in Georgetown which is high praise in a neighborhood known for it's culinary excellence.

(Picture Brought to by Yelp)

With both interior and exterior seating this cafe is suitable for eating year-round. Their menu features food for all times of day and sways more towards the health conscious. Inside and out the decor is modern which adds to the experience and with an outdoor patio in the back your lunch or quick snack is sure to be nirvana.

(Upstairs Seating)

For breakfast I stopped by and ordered the Istanbul which consists of a bagel with feta cheese, cucumbers, and tomatoes. The meal could summed up in one word, refreshing. The combination of ingredients, which are commonly used in many Mediterranean foods make for an outstanding breakfast.


For lunch I tried three different paninis all of which were good in their own way. I first tried the Palermo panini which consists of prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, and tomato with basil pesto spread. This common European sandwich went perfectly with my orangina and economist magazine which is my ideal lunch.

(Palermo Panini)

Next I tried the Mino's panini which consists of marinated chicken, sucuk, roasted red peppers, mozzarella and provolone cheese with sundried tomato pesto. The flavors in this panini work well and offer you a sample of the brilliance that is mediterranean cuisine. As with the previous meal I topped it off with an orangina and chips and left very pleased with my meal.

(Mino's Panini)

The last sandwich that I sampled was the roast beef panini which consists of brie cheese and the aforementioned roast beef with your choice of mayo or dijon mustard. I foolishly chose to put both condiments on and would recommend you not to make this same mistake. The dijon mitigated the savoriness of the melted brie by adding an unwarranted spice. Although I did enjoy the meal I was disappointed at the mistake I had made for this would have truly been an outstanding meal.

(Roast Beef Panini)

In the end I was not disappointed with any aspect of this restaurant. The service was good the food was astounding and the environment was relaxing. With reasonable prices (every meal cost me about $10) and a large selection of meals I have yet to try Cafe Tu O Tu will be a regular destination for me.

I recommend all of the meals that I have had and have heard that the salads are great as well. The service is good and the lines are not too long but I do usually have a late lunch so do not take my word for it. This is definitely a top 20 spot in the city for lunch and maybe a top 10 in Georgetown.

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