Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sushi To Go

Sushi in Georgetown is as scarce as water in the desert. The closing of Benihana last year only exasperated the shortage. During my first week at work my I was greeted with the pleasant news that there was a long-standing sushi restaurant less than a block away from my job.

Sushi To Go is located in a niche spot right along the canal between Thomas Jefferson and 31st St.. Owned by a Korean couple that have been serving the residents of Georgetown for several years.

Since I am a sushi fanatic I decided to give this place a try. I have had several experiences with sushi and tried almost every restaurant in the DC area that serves it. I have also ventured to other cities such as Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles to try this japanese delicacy. I even make my own from time to time.

I walked in and was immediately greeted by the owners. I decided to try the Caterpillar and Alaskan rolls both of which are specialty rolls and an order of squid (Ika). The sushi and one can of coke cost me $18 which expensive in my opinion for take out sushi.

(Caterpillar, Alaska, and Ika)

Sadly the sushi did not live up to my standards and the price tag associated with it exasperated the disappointment I felt. The ingredients were not as fresh and they should have been which rendered a poor meal. While the service was fantastic the food failed to impress me.

I would not recommend going here unless you want a quick and simple California roll or some miso soup. Sadly this means that there is only one good sushi restaurant in all of Georgetown.

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