Saturday, December 18, 2010

Baked & Wired

Supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus, my appologies to anyone that suffers from hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia but this is the only way that I can describe Baked and Wired. Located right off of M St. Baked and Wired serves hundreds of loyal customers on a daily basis and has served as the main competition to Georgetown Cupcake.

Located right next to my office this enthusiastic bakery offers an array of options and has thwarted my efforts to sustain a consistent diet. Before working at my current job I was unaware of this bakery as I am not too deep in both the cupcake and sweets scene.

What drew me here was the hilarious sign that was posted right outside of their building. When I entered I was overwhelmed by a barrage of baked goods each with a unique and quirky name and animated illustration.

The first thing that drew my attention were the cupcakes. Lined across their stand each flavor offered a unique culinary experience. I immediately knew that I would come here on a regular basis. One of their more salient qualities is their quirkiness and laid back attitude.

The atmosphere gave me more of a west coast feel with an east coast work ethic. I am not much a coffee drinker so I tend to stay away from the Starbucks world. I am also dissuaded by inventory line treatment that you usually tend to get with the bigger chains.

(Assorted Cupcakes)

But this placed diverges from the status quo; the quirkiness of the products translates to to its staff who are all nice and always have a smile on their face. During my first visit I quickly took my camera out and started taking pictures off all hilarious images presented to you in this post.

I followed my instincts and ordered my first cupcake. When I finished I came to believe that these are the BEST CUPCAKES IN DC. If you happen to take bite of these monstrosities you will most certainly agree with my assertion.

The first cupcake I tried was the Razmanian Devil which consists of vanilla frosting on top of a vanilla core with a raspberry baked inside of it. The shear greatness of this delectable treat had me questioning my ability to abstain from sweets on a daily basis.

(Razmanian Devil)

The next day I decided to order a Mocha from the coffee bar which was beautifully designed and served as a energy boost for a long day at the office. I seemed to enjoy the atmosphere surrounding the cafe more than the drink itself. It was a cross between mellow, artful and sophisticated which beats the Starbucks crowd in my opinion.


The next cupcake that I decided to sample is one of their most popular flavors. The Chocolate Cupcake of Doom consists chocolate cake covered with dark chocolate satin frosting. It was devilishly delectable to say the least and I was on the verge of a sugar overdose when I finished it. In all honesty I believe that this is the cake that people are referring to when they use the expression "I love you like a fat kid loves cake". It is a must try but I must warn you that it is highly addictive, especially to those with a sweet tooth.

(Chocolate Cupcake of Doom)

If cupcakes do not interest you I am pleased to inform you that Baked & Wired offers a wide array of options that serve as both snacks and breakfast options. The doughnut muffin below is one of my favorite items from this store. While I was hesitant at first I decided to ignore my skepticism and dig in. If I had the metabolism of a 13 year old or had an utter disregard for my health then I would make this a weekly breakfast or snack.

The other item is a Caramel S'more which is also very delightful. It definitely makes me reminisce on my childhood as it was a staple snack when I was a child. I would also recommend their homemade pop-tarts, gingerbread, and brownies.

(Doughnut Muffin & Caramel S'more)

I decided to take these delicious morsels to my house in order to introduce the cult that I have become a part of. I bought five cupcakes which cost me about $18 and was a bit upset that they did not have bundle deal. Regardless of that I enjoyed sampling each flavor as did my sister and a close friend of ours. They both seemed to appreciate them and what followed was a small debate on which cupcakes were better.

I have to say that their strawberry is my favorite and one of the best sweet snacks in all of the city. Each flavor is unique in its own way and is tailored to people's different taste preferences. They also are have vegan cupcakes for those with greater diet restrictions. I have not tried one so I can't offer an opinion.

(Pumpkin, Cocunut, Elvis Impersonator AKA The Unporked Elvis, Red Velvet and German Chocolate)

The last two items I decided to try were their respectable selection of tea and quiche. I am a huge fan of quiche so I had
tremendous expectations for what lay ahead of me, especially because they were able to please me with their other goods.
I decided to try the Ham and Gruyere & Mixed Veggie Quiche on different occasions and was disappointed to say that they were average at best. I would like to think it is because of my high expectations but I can objectively say that it was pedestrian.

Their tea on the other hand is great. I have tried their Darjeeling white, Mayan chai and Pomegranate all of which are great. If you are a tea aficionado then you should definitely stop by.

(Ham and Gruyere & Mixed Veggie Quiche)

All in all Baked & Wired is my default cafe for sweets and tea. The staff and company courteous and quirky. They take great pride in what they serve and have a good laugh while doing so. While they are a bit expensive if you go in solely for a snack it is more that justified for taste that is rendered from their treats. The lines can be long from time to time but they pale in comparison for the wait you have to endure for Georgetown Cupcake.

So if you are in the Georgetown area take some time and sample both Baked & Wired and Georgetown Cupcake and pledge your own allegiance. You can follow Baked on their Facebook page here and find out about special events and promotions.

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