Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bistro Francais

Aside from Citronelle, Bistro Francais is the most well know French restaurant in Georgetown. Executive chef and owner Gerad Cabrol, a native of France has brought his culinary talents to Washington DC and has been serving patrons for over 35 years.

Bistro Francais is located in the center of Georgetown right on M St. and offers customers authentic French cuisine. A staple to the area Bistro Francais offers you a fine dinning experience that won't deplete your savings. The best seats are located right by the windows which are opened when the weather justifies it. If you are lucky enough to get these seats you have the pleasure of people watching in one of the most relaxed environments in the city while enjoying quality French food.

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I have dined here on several occasions and usually go for a late night snack. I decided to take some of my coworkers here for a quick lunch. It was on this occasion that I had my first sampling of escargot.

A delicacy in the Western world this dish is traditionally served as an appetizer to be shared amongst friends. I went off course and decide to order it by myself since none of my colleagues wanted to partake. This dish was pleasant but I failed to understand the prestige behind it, the butter and garlic seem to overtake the dish eviscerating any flavor that the snails had to offer. Since it was my first sampling of this dish I will leave it up to future experience to mold my judgement.

(Escargots au Beurre de Légumes)

I followed up my meal with some French onion soup. As this is one of my favorite dishes I consider myself something of a connoisseur. I have tried it at a number of French restaurants and bistros and I can easily say that this is the best that I have had. Served in its traditional style it was both rich and hearty. As hard as it is to imagine you can easily ruin this dish, mainly because each ingredient is so powerful. It takes a creative imagination and proper experience to find the perfect balance which yield a delightful and decadent soup.

(Soupe à l’ Oignon)

Because there are so many French restaurants in Georgetown each one has to present a unique aspect that will draw clientele away from their competitors. What draws me to Bistro Francais is their late night dining experience. When you think of after bar foods in DC the first things that come to mind are Jumbo Slice, Julia's Empanadas, or any sort of Falafel place. My divergence from these popular destinations was what first took me to Bistro Francais which is open until 4 A.M on the weekends.

(Avocat Farci Bistro)

During my final years at George Washington I would go with a group of friends to eat after hitting the local bar scene. My personal favorites were the avocado stuffed with crab meat as an appetizer followed by the steak sandwich which I take medium rare. The food is both scrumptious and filling which is perfect for anyone who desires a late night meal. The low key setting is also enticing for anyone who doesn't enjoy waiting in line for greasy food with people who can't handle their alcohol.

(Steak Sandwich)

All in all Bistro Francais serves good food at an average price. The food and experience is on par with all the other French restaurants in Georgetown. What separates them in my opinion is their location and late night hours. So if you are in the area at 2 A.M I would skip the jumbo slice and give this place a shot if you aren't too out of it.

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