Sunday, December 5, 2010


When it comes to sandwiches in Georgetown almost everyones first thought is Booeymonger. This local deli has been serving delicious sandwiches to it's patrons for over 35 years and have since branched out to Friendship Heights and Northern Virginia without skipping a beat.

Located in the heart of Georgetown Booeymonger's is a local hub of activity, whether it be residents, students, or local workers everyone seems to enjoy the sandwiches they serve. I have personally been eating here since grade school and continue to come to this day.

Their menu consists of a number hand crafted concoctions, each tailored to the tastes of patrons that line their restaurant on a daily basis. Whether it be the health conscious patron who orders a Californian, an adventurous carnivore who gets the Fifth Avenue or a vegetarian who choses the Pita Pan Booeymonger's does not discriminate. At times I find myself taking a prolonged period of time to making my decision.

Having two jobs in this area I have had the pleasure of sampling the every sandwich several times. My favorite would have to be the Miami Burger which consists of smoked salmon, cream cheese, lettuce, onions and tomatoes all on a toasted bagel.

(Miami Burger)

It makes a great breakfast or lunch any time of the year. For $7.25 you get a very generous portion of smoked salmon that always tastes fresh. I usually like to pair it with an Orangina or a Snapple on a hot summer afternoon.

Another favorite of mine is the Patty Hearst which is as electrifying as the icon it's named after. It is paradoxical in nature because it offers you with the greasy satisfaction without feeling the after effects. I am also a fan of the Chicken Rico, The Georgetowner, and Booey Wraps which come with potato wedges that are also very tasty.

(Patty Hearst)

If you are too overwhelmed at number of choices or don't find any to meet your taste you can start from scratch and make one of your own. When I find myself in the former predicament I get an everything bagel with chive cream cheese and cucumbers which never disappoints. You can also choose a number of sides including but not limited to macaroni salad, cole slaw, potato salad and hummus.

All of the sandwiches are in the $6-8 range which unfortunately come with no sides, the exception being the Booey Wrap. The lack of combo meals to me is the biggest downside of this place and to this day I don't understand why they don't have that, but their daily specials minimize this complaint. I have yet to try the salads but have heard that they are good and their breakfast menu is great but a bit cliche.

All in all Booeymongers is a great deli, their sandwiches are tremendous and healthy for the most part. The crowds are always lively and the scenery is beautiful (can you find some place in Georgetown that isn't) and the happy hour offers you good cheap beer. The prices are average for Georgetown and the lines can be a bit long, especially during peak lunch hours. Don't bother trying to find a seat during that time you will more than likely find your self waiting. This is a place all sandwich lovers should visit at least once.

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