Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fry Captain

My food truck tour continued this past Saturday when a number of trucks convened in front of the National Museum of American History to serve lunch to tourists and residents alike.

The trucks in attendance included Curbside Cupcake, Red Hook Lobster Truck , TaKorean, Sweetgreen, and the Fry Captain (pictured below). My initial motivation to attend this gathering was to try the Korean tacos that have received rave reviews.

While waiting in line for the tacos, I thought about what other truck I was going to try today. Having already completely sampled the Red Hook Lobster Truck (see link above) and tried a single Curbside Cupcake, my options were limited. My sister recommend we try the Fry Captain truck which was unbeknownst to me at the time.

I decided to give this truck a chance after we finished our Korean tacos. The first thing that came to mind when inspecting this truck was it's layout and atmosphere which reminded me of a dive bar. Their menu is laid out in front of the truck with their side sauces and milkshake flavors written on paper attached velcro which are removed once one runs out.

The truck serves fries (either a single or double order) and milkshakes. Fries include one seasoning (i.e. sea salt, old bay, etc.) and a dipping sauce, they can also be cooked in duck fat for an extra charge.

Both my sister and I had a single order of fries cooked in duck fat and seasoned with salt, side sauce and a bottled Coke (pictured below). The meal cost $11 which is a little pricey in my opinion, especially since it's more of a snack. Regardless of the price I was pleased with the purchase I made. Adding the duck fat gave the fries a little extra flavor, which at times made me skip the sauce.

(2 Single Orders of French Fries in Duck Fat with Chimichurri Mayo and Srirache and Sesame Mayo Sauce)

I enjoyed both sauces but heavily preferred srirache mayo that my sister chose. Our sauce options were limited due to the fact that we arrived to the even a little late. I would recommend giving this place a shot not only for the experience that a food truck gives you (let alone a dive food truck) but also because the food was solid.

Fry Captain is ideal for a mid-day snack or an after diner dessert especially during the summer. So for anyone who likes fries and shakes I would suggest you try this place.

Side Notes - the lines weren't too long, the service was fast, and they only take cash. You can follow them on their Twitter page or visit their website for a weekly schedule.

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