Sunday, October 31, 2010

Restaurant 3

Our travels take us outside of DC for the first time to try one of the most unique meals that I have ever had. I decided take a group of friends to Restaurant 3 in Clarendon VA to sample a three course meal centered on bacon.

Earlier that week I learned that a number of restaurants around the USA had dedicated a week solely to a cut of pork that millions of Americans enjoy on a daily basis. Bacon has become a staple of American dining with people finding any excuse to incorporate it in their meal. So it would only make sense that an event like this would naturally arise.

(Photo Brought to you by Yelp)

The drive there did not take more than 15 minutes and it was also fairly close to the Clarendon Metro station. We came in on a Thursday night and were told that we had to wait to find seating since there were no reservations left (we called the day before). So we found ourselves a small table near the end of the lounge and ordered drinks until a table opened up.

I decided to go outside the box and try their bacon infused martini while my other friend tried their bacon bloody marry. While I was glad to have ordered my drink (simply for the experience) I soon found it to be overwhelming (most people would), while my friend thoroughly enjoyed her bloody marry prompting me to order one of my own.


We all ordered the three course bacon infused diner which cost a reasonable $30 per person. My meal started off with a bacon cheddar soup which was magnificent to say the least. The bacon played well with the cheddar and potatoes to make for a solid opening dish. My only complaint is that the dish was too simple and it was a soup that I have already had at another restaurant. I thought that they could have been a bit more creative with an appetizer.

(Bacon Cheddar Soup)

For my second dish I had to choose between pork chop wrapped in bacon with bacon mashed potatoes or BBQ shrimp with grits and bacon. I am not that much of a glutton so the idea of having meat wrapped in meat prompted me to chose the latter of the dishes even though I find grits to be repulsive. I did enjoy my dish, especially the grits to my astonishment which were fairly tasty. But after sampling my friends main course I regretted the choice I made, the bacon mashed potatoes were solid and bacon wrapped pork chops were juicy and succulent.

(BBQ Shrimp and Grits)

After finishing our main course we all waited for what I believed would be the best dish of the meal. We all ordered the bacon infused waffles with maple syrup and bacon ice cream. Needless to say I was correct in my assessment. The dessert played off a very rudimentary culinary idea yielding a stupendous meal. The sweetness of the vanilla and maple syrup played well with the saltiness of the bacon making for a memorable dish.

(Bacon-Studded Waffle With Maple Bacon Ice Cream)

In the end we all enjoyed our meals and it did not put a dent into our wallets. While I can't really recommend going here because I did not sample their regular menu the quality of our meal will not discourage me from going here again. The crowd was mixed (both young and old), the service was good, and with reasonable prices I do not see why anyone in Clarendon would not want to give this place a chance.

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