Saturday, October 23, 2010

Red Hook Lobster Truck

Our travels continue to the highly sought after Red Hook Lobster Truck. I personally follow it on Facebook to check on their daily location, hoping to one day sample what has quickly become one of the most sought after meals in this city.

After two previous attempts which were met with utter despair (in both instances the I was informed that they had run out of lobster rolls) I was finally able to sample the beauty of the sea.

The picture below is no way indicative of the average line which tends to average anywhere from 50 to 200 people (the latter of which I personally witnessed during the Curbside Cook-off). On this past saturday the food truck was located at my Alma mater George Washington University to serve parents visiting their children over weekend.

My short wait seemed like an eternity as a stood in anticipation to try this piece of culinary excellence. My Odyssey finally ended when my number was called and my eyes laid what I believed would be one of the best sandwiches I have had in my life.

To say that the long lines were indicative of the quality and taste of the food would be an understatement. From the first bite to the last I was in culinary heaven. The sandwich was around 6 inches long and came with a generous portion of high quality lobster mixed with a blend of spices and scallions on a buttered bun. The sandwich was comparable in quality and taste to one I had at Tackle Box in Georgetown.

(Lobster Roll Meal)

I finished off the meal with chips and soda imported from Maine. The whole meal set me back $18 but was well worth it. Ideally this would be a meal that I would like to enjoy once or twice a month mainly because of the price.

Both my sister and friend found the lobster roll to be both delicious and filling. Drowned in the euphoria of this meal I found the motivation to go back and order the shrimp roll which only cost $8. While they conversed over other matters all my attention was focused on the meal before my eyes.

While I did not eat it with the same enthusiasm as the lobster roll I still found it to be quite appetizing. The quality and mixture of spices meshed harmoniously rendering a delectable sandwich that I will have again.

(Shrimp Roll)

In the end I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and had the luxury of not having to wait in line as long as most people do. The food was great and the experience will never be forgotten. I look forward to eating at the lobster truck again in the near future and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys seafood.

Be aware that the lines are long and a bit pricy (more than $15 on a quick lunch is pricy to me), especially if you get the lobster meal which will set you back $18, so plan ahead. You can get their daily location on Twitter or Facebook. Don't be dissuaded by the long lines, I assure you the wait is well worth the experience.

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