Saturday, November 13, 2010


The first part of my weekend adventure led my sister and I to the TaKorean food truck to take part in a food truck cook-off at the National Museum of American History. My primary motivation for attending this cook-off was to try these wildly popular tacos.

This was the first of a two-part tasting that took place this day, the second being the Fry Captain (see link for post). I took my place in a daunting line comparable to the the Lobster Truck, which can have up to 200 people. Regardless of the length of the line I was determined to wait as long as I had to on a slightly frigid day to taste the intuitive fusion of two popular meals, Korean BBQ and Tacos.

(Line after waiting about 30 minutes)
The wait took no more than half an hour but I was disappointed by the revelation that they did not accept credit cards. Luckily I had some spare cash, enough to split three tacos with my sister. The tacos come with your choice of Bulgogi Steak, Tangy Chicken, or Caramelized Tofu and are served with either Spicy Kimchi or Napa-Romaine slaw and some additional toppings (see menu).

Since I was short on cash I only chose two Bulgogi Steaks, each with a different slaw, a Tangy Chicken with the Spicy Kimchi slaw, all with the works. Immediately after devouring them I regretted not having more cash on hand to order another round. The quality of the meat as well as the combinations of spices fully produced a scrumptious dish that lived up to the hype.

(2 Bulgogi Steak's and 1 Tangy Chicken both with the works)

Surprisingly enough I ended up enjoying the chicken even though Korean BBQ is known for its beef. Although I did not get to try the Tangy Chicken with the Napa-Romaine slaw I think this could easily be the best taco they had simply by trying both the meat and slaw on my other tacos.

I would definitely recommend trying these tacos during lunch or on the weekend, the latter of which seldom happens. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook or look on their website for their weekly schedule. Lines tend to be long as this is a very popular food truck so plan to wait a bit for your meal. Remember from before, they only accept CASH so make sure you are carrying some.

Three tacos cost you $8 which is a good bargain and with fast and friendly customer service you will surely want to go back and have seconds. The one bad thing I would have to say about this truck, aside from them not taking credit card is that they seem to have the same weekly schedule which is unfortunate for those who are not able to access it. I am not 100% sure of this but it just seems like they go to the same general areas each week.

Aside from that this was a great meal that I intend on having several times in the near future. I would recommend everyone who is a fan of food, especially Korean BBQ to give this and all the other trucks I have sampled a try.

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