Sunday, October 3, 2010

La Madeleine

Our journey continues to a popular French Cafe in the heart of Georgetown. La Madeleine is a chain restaurant that offers patrons both a taste of French cuisine and the environment that it is enjoyed in.

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Walking in gave me a glimpse of what I perceive to be an ideal day in a Cafe in Paris. The rustic interior exemplifies French culture. Once I came up the stairs I was greeted by middle aged woman who took my order. I proceeded to walk along the food line and saw the salad bar and the French sweets in the display case.

(Interior Salad and snack bar)

From there I chose the drink that I desired which was lemonade on two different occasions. I paid and took a seat and waited for my sandwich to arrive. During my wait I scanned the room and could not help but see how the decor evoked french culture. People were reading and sipping on red wine, on casual date, or enjoying a delectable French sweet.


On this specific occasion I was reading Camus' The Stranger and enjoying a chicken cordon bleu sandwich with chips and a raspberry lemonade. I found it to be good but was a bit disappointed primarily because the chicken was a tad dry. If this were not the case then I would believe this sandwich to be a success. The lemonade was great and the black pepper chips went well with the meal. I stayed a bit after my meal just reading and enjoying the harmony that the environment provided.

(Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich and Raspberry Lemonade)

Before I would return I decided to look at the reviews to get a gauge at what the most popular dish was. I came to find very positive reviews on the Croque Monsieur and decided to try it. This sandwich is very popular in many French bars and cafes so what better excuse to try it and get embedded with French culture.

(Croque Monsieur, Lemonade and Lime Tart)

My stomach was not feeling particularly well during that week and ordering this sandwich only made matters worse. Although it was tasty it quickly became overwhelming and I could not find the motivation to finish it. The lemon tart that I had to go with it did prove to be fantastic.

(Lemon Tart)

Needless to say I continue to dine here on a weekly basis for a quick lunch. Whether it be French onion soup (pictured below) on a cold or rainy day or quiche (Loraine or Spinach) on a breezy fall day I have never been dissatisfied by my meal. My meals typically range from $10-15 depending on how much I get. The meal below set me back $14 which is good deal anywhere in DC.

(French Onion Soup, Strawberries Romanoff, and Fruit Tart)

The strawberries romanoff were interesting and the French onion soup is great with free croutons and cheese. I hope to one day try some of their pastas and breakfast items when I have a chance. My favorite meal here is one of the three quiches that are served on a daily basis along with a bowl of French Onion soup

(Quiche Loraine and French Onion Soup)

Seating is never a problem for me because I usually take later lunches, the service is fast and the food is fairly dependable. I now consider myself a regular mainly because of my love for French dining and quick and the dependability of the food. I would highly recommend this place for quick lunches during work or for an after hour snack

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  1. Love the French Onion Soup and the Quiches there...super tasty