Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tackle Box

Imagining a quick getaway to enjoy seafood right on the water, then look no further than Tackle Box in Georgetown. Located in the heart of Georgetown this swank eatery servers delectable seafood and gives you a beach/boardwalk eating environment.

A local favorite of neighborhood residents the food and presentation erect the illusion that you areon vacation eating fresh food and enjoying everything the sea has to offer.

(Photo via Prince of Petworth)

I usually go to for that very reason, but also enjoy the fact that this is one of the only places where you can get good seafood at a fast food pace. There are several options that you can choose, from appetizers to meals Tackle Box offers you satisfying food at reasonable prices.

I make it a habit of attending every Wednesday for their half price fish tacos. I usually order two which only cost $4 as opposed to $8 on regular days. I usually pair these with an appetizer such as fried calamari, mac and cheese, or french fries. The tacos are always spot on, the fish is fresh and the simple slaw that accompanies it makes for one of the best lunches or even meals of the week.

You can also choose a number of other appetizers including crispy shrimp, oysters. They also have a basic meal which comprises of choosing one fish with your choice of two sides for around $13. If you have deeper pockets you could go for the lobster pot which goes for $40 per person.

Another favorite of mine is their lobster roll which is has a sticker price of $20. The lobster is fresh and the bread is soft and buttery. While it is not the best lobster roll I have had in this city it holds it's own weight.

(Lobster Roll)

Recently they have made a number of additions including an upstairs bar with some appealing beer specials. They have also opened up another store in Cleveland Park which is a God send for residents in that culinary challenged neighborhood.

I am actually a bit jealous because I wish that I had the opportunity to devour a trio of fish tacos similar to those below on a daily basis. While I am assuming they are nowhere close to the quality you can get on the west coast they are some of the best I have had in this city.

(3 Fish Tacos)

Overall the prices are reasonable, the food is pleasant and the atmosphere transports you to a day out on the boardwalk without actually having to go there. Lines aren't too long and but finding seating can be a problem at times.

I would recommend going late on Wednesdays, recently I have noticed that their fish tacos are gaining popularity which in this case translates to longer lines.

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