Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pizza Boli's

Whether your too lazy or tired to cook a meal, have friends over, or have nothing in your refrigerator there is always an excuse to order food. If you find yourself in one of these predicaments then you should consider ordering from Pizza Boli's.

With several locations in the DC area Pizza Boli's offer you quick food at a reasonable price. I have ordered from here several times and find their food to be modest, especially for the prices they offer. On this occasion I ordered the Gyro platter and a soda which cost me around $9. This specific meal was sub-par but managed to fill me up.

(Gyro Platter)

You can easily fill two people for under $20 here and have some cold pizza for the morning (ahh the good old days in college). I usually order their white pizza or a sandwich with an appetizer. For sandwiches I would recommend the cheese steak, cold cut, or meatball sub and add some french fries or mozzarella sticks to finish it off. I wouldn't recommend this place for it's pizzas because they are average at best, the only one I would vouch for is their white pizza.

Their low prices and quick delivery is the reason I still order from here; I have never gotten an order that was fudged or a late delivery. But if you are looking for a great slice of pizza (which is scarce in this city) I would not order from here; but if you looking for a quick means of eliminating your hunger without leaving your home then give this place a shot sometime.

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