Tuesday, September 7, 2010


There is no other restaurant that tests my ability to abstain from morbid obesity than Chipotle. This national chain draws it's origins from Denver, Colorado and has grown immensely since its inaugural opening in 1993. Chipotle prides itself using the freshest and most environmentally friendly ingredients to make their renowned burritos. Constantly ahead of the curve when it comes to agricultural sustainability as well as safe food practices Chipotle diverges from the status quo when it comes to fast food chains.

Their philosophy has drawn the attention of several food activists as well as everyday customers and plays a big role in their prominence around the US. I for one fully support their practices (aside from their recent immigration hiring debacle) and that is a big reason I continue to go here.

I was sadly introduced to Chipotle at a very late age with my first dining experience coming in high school. More than 8 years removed I continue to come here. When I was blessed with my fast metabolism I made it a monthly ritual to go here with my friends. In college I carried on that tradition and to this day use it as a remedy to fight a fierce hangover.

I unfortunately had to cut down on this habit of mine because the college experience coupled with the death of my metabolism caused a weight gain of immense proportions. Thankfully due to more than two years of hard work and a healthy lifestyle I am in the best shape of my life.

(Barbacoa Tacos)

With that in mind I would like to share my favorite dishes as well as some tips to enhance your burrito experience here. At this juncture in my life I have all but eliminated eating burritos and have made the clean transition to their tacos.

Having tried all the meats I would have to say my clear cut favorite is the barbacoa with the steak coming in a close second. I keep it simple and add some pice de gallo, sour cream and corn and top it off with my favorite drink which is a coca cola with lemons.

(Steak Burrito)

My standard burrito is the culmination of years of experimentation which through the process of elimination has yielded what I believe to be the ideal burrito. For starters I don't put any beans because they have such a distinct and powerful flavor that including them takes away from all the other components. I get steak with some pico de gallo and add sour cream, cheese, and corn. That along with my coke with lemon makes for a great cure for my saturday morning hangover or an ideal meal to recover from a long and arduous workout.

All in all Chipotle is a great destination for fresh and reliable fast food. But don't let that fool you, these minature Mexican babies can pack a whopping 1000 plus calories so eat with discretion when dining here. I try to make it a monthly destination but with this blog that has gone down considerably.

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