Sunday, January 1, 2012

Travel Special - The Little Owl (New York City)

New York is one of my favorite cities. The atmosphere, architecture, nightlife and culture all make one of the best cities in the world. I try my best to constantly visit to take in the culture that is lacking in DC.

Of all the dining options that the city has to offer there was one that struck my eye. As you may have noticed one of my favorite meals is a hamburger and the recent slew of burger themed posts may have you thinking that my blog has been transformed into a burgers only. While the though has crossed my mind I am too adventurous of an eater to do that.

A while back I stumbled on an article revealing what may be the best hamburger in the world. Naturally I was very fascinated by this and decided to read it. The story pointed to a small restaurant in the West Village named The Little Owl as having the royal distinction of making the best burger in the entire world.

As a burger connoisseur in training to be a Sommelier I found it paramount to sample this burger to both refine my palate and see if it lives up to the tremendous hype. I booked an early ticket and made my way toward the big apple. Once I arrived and met up with my friend we embarked on our journey to taste greatness.

Once we arrived our journey was almost stopped short when we were informed that they were closing until dinner started. My mouth immediately fell to the ground but with some suave maneuvering we were able to convince them to seat us.

The occasion called for celebration not only of in anticipation of a great meal but also for friendship and experiencing life at its best. We decided to skip the soda or beer which is what I traditionally consume with my burger and upgrade to some fine Pinot Noir.

As we sampled the wine we were asked what we would like to order. Our server was met with the prompt and concise reply "two cheeseburgers medium rare". We waited in eager anticipation of our meals slowly sipping our wine and enjoying a Friday afternoon in the West Village.

Before our burgers came out we each were given gourmet mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup . The ketchup was made by Sir Kensington which uses some of the finest ingredients to produce an aristocratic take on a classic condiment. The dijon mustard was produced by Maille which shared the characteristics of the ketchup and provided a bit of bite to it which I really enjoyed. Lastly the mayonnaise was produced by the Hellmans which everyone on earth has tried.

Once our burgers arrived we each looked at each other for a brief moment thinking the same exact thing. We were both pumped that the moment finally arrived and began to slowly consume our meals and both analyze and enjoy the moment of culinary bliss.

(Bacon Cheeseburger)

To say it simply the burger was fantastic. Each individual component was spectacular and the sum produced one of the best burgers and meals I have had to date. The patty had an extraordinary seasoning and was cooked to perfection. The juice from the burger was so good that I put some on my fries. The cheese was a sharp cheddar that went well with the smokey bacon and the bread was fantastic. The fries were crisp and well seasoned and were combined with the aforementioned burger juice and gourmet condiments.

All in all this was a successful venture but the first thing you are begging to know is if the burger lived up to the hype. The honest answer is that I don't know. Was it better than the 777 Burger in Las Vegas or a classic double double at In-N-Out? It is such a hard question to answer and the more burgers you try the clearer your answer will be. At this point in my life I could not give you a definitive answer and nor can any individual on the planet.

What I can say that it was one of the best and definitely worth a try. So if you are a burger lover and find yourself in NYC then go and give this place a chance you will not be disappointed.

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  1. Great write up. I agree with you, this burger was great, but nothing above or below the best ones out there (5 napkin, in/out hell no, and the 50$ burger in midtown). Come back soon.