Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Travel Special - Le Burger Brasserie (Las Vegas)

My next post takes us outside the DC area to Las Vegas, Nevada or it's more popular name Sin City. Known for it's ability to turn dreams into reality this west coast city is a popular destination spot for just about any form of entertainment.

I decided to celebrate my 25th birthday by taking a 3-day west coast trip that started in Los Angeles and ended up in Las Vegas. After partying it up in LA for a day and a half my cousin and I went on the infamous four hour road trip through the mountains of California and into the ominous dessert of Nevada.

During our journey we stopped for our second helping of the legendary In-N-Out Burger. Mid-way into my foodgasm I remembered a food network special on Las Vegas that featured a gourmet burger and thought that it would be a good idea to continue the burger themed weekend.

(Photo Brought to you by tripadvisor)

When we arrived I googled this burger and found out that it was served at Le Burger Brasserie inside the Paris hotel. Known as the 777 Burger this dish transforms a traditional American meal into a aristocratic entree.

The origin of the title lies in its price which is $777 which includes the burger and a bottle of Rose Dom Perignon. While I like celebrate special events with class I didn't have the budget to order that but was elated to find out that you can get the burger itself for $77.

The burger comes with a Kobe beef patty, a generous serving of Maine Lobster and is topped with caremelized onions, imported Brie cheese, and crispy pancetta which is all drizzled with 100-year aged Balsamic. If you are unaware of these ingredients then the easiest way to explain this burger is to say that it is the Bentley of all Burgers. Each ingredient in an of itself is at or near the top of it's chain.

(777 Burger)

When we were seated we simply brushed away the menus given to us and asked for two 777 Burgers without the champaign and a round of drinks. What ensued was a 30 minute period of heightened angst in anticipation for what promised to be a phenomenal dish. We were then greeted by the head chef who brought the dishes out personally, he then told us that we were sure to enjoy.

Our first couple of bites were met with looks of interest from other patrons who were completely unaware of who we were or what we had ordered. Those same emotions were also running though our minds with each bite. We were both in a state of utter shock, each bite was better than the last.

The Kobe beef was full of flavor and was complimented perfectly with the mixture of the saltiness of the pancetta and richness of the brie. The balsamic also added an extra dimension of flavor that I have never experienced. The battle of competing flavors was like a symphony composed by a musical genius. All these flavors blended harmoniously rendering a burger that has no competitor.

After finishing our meal we were asked if we wanted a custom dessert, we took less than a second to answer that question with a resounding yes. While we waited we reminisced on one of the best meals that either of us had in our entire lives and were left speechless by it's brilliance.

We were then greeted by this ensemble of European desserts by our chef who thanked us for ordering our meal. At this point we were both already full but went all out for this dessert. The crepes were fantastic. The wild berries were fresh and warm. The tiramisu was also great but not the best I have had. I am not a fan of cheesecake but was surprised how much I enjoyed it. All in all it was a great dessert but was trumped by our indescribably entree.

(Mixed Berry Crepe, Cheesecake, Tiramisu Custom made Dessert)

After our meal was complete we were both stuffed to the point were we could literally feel food at the bottom of our throats. Unfortunately the check was also that bad but as we all know you get what you pay for. In this instance I think save the dessert that we got our moneys worth both for the quality of the food and the experience. This has to be the best overall burger I have had to date and one of the better entree's I have had as well.

If you love burgers and are in Las Vegas I highly recommend trying this out. The service was great and the meal was worthy of a birthday celebration.

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