Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stoney's Bar And Grill

Logan Circle is hub of activity and has become one of the more affluent neighborhoods in the District. What was first a destination centered around the Whole Foods Market has become a landing spot for a number of new restaurants and bars. Of all the new places one has stood the test of time.

Stoney's Bar And Grill which opened its doors in 1968 has been serving pub food to loyal patrons. Over time Stoney's has built a legacy of serving some of the best bar food in the District and is a local landing spot for neighborhood residents and loyal patrons.

My initial visits were primarily for their drinks. Their array beers and their proximity to my house made it a go to spot to watch sports or kick back a beer with a friend. My first experience with their food came during the World Cup where I watched a number of games with a group of soccer enthusiasts.

We primarily ordered appetizers and their pizza which I will have to say is once of the best I have had in this city (thats not saying much). Then I decided to try a burger which are said to be their bread and butter. Scanning the list of specialty burgers my eyes were immediately transfixed on the One Eye Burger which consists of Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomatoes topped with a fried egg.

(One Eye Burger)

What was presented to me was a culinary masterpiece whose taste brought me to brink of nirvana. The patty was well seasoned a cooked medium well, the egg brought another dimension of flavor that brought it over the top. After that experience I became hooked onto their burgers and have never turned back.

Since then I have sampled their bacon cheeseburger, chili cheeseburger and the Stoney burger all of which were fantastic. If you take a gander at this review or just scan their menu you will notice that this is not the place to dine for calorie counters. Their dishes are offshoots on classic American meals on steroids.

(Super Grilled Cheese)

A great example of this is the super grilled cheese. This monstrous sandwich permeates with cheese and is stuffed with bacon and tomatoes rendering a masterpiece of epic proportions. This sandwich can tackle even the strongest appetites and is a must try.

Overall Stoney's has some of the best burgers and pub food in all of the District. The service is good, the prices are average and the environment is like any neighborhood watering hole. I advise everyone to give Stoney's a shot especially for their food. So if you are in the neighborhood stop by for a beer and maybe some food but do plan to workout after if you are conscious of your weight.

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