Thursday, May 5, 2011

JJ's Cheesesteaks

Finding a quality cheesesteak in this town is about as hard as finding objectivity on Fox news. At this point my search has brought me to the conclusion that the best cheesesteak is served at a mall.

At a certain point I had lost all confidence and came to conclusion that I would have to go all the way to Philadelphia to get some quality cheesesteak. This notion quickly dissolved when I found JJ's Cheesesteak. Located right on the famous intersection of 14th and U St. this restaurant serves up a variety of sandwiches all with a different spin on the classic cheesesteak.

When you take a quick glance at the menu you will see that this is not a place to go for those who count calories or care about their arteries. All 17 of their sandwiches offer a unique take on the classic Philly Cheesesteak.

They encompass the entire lexicon of this classic sandwich which is sure to appease any enthusiast. Whether you are a provolone or cheese whiz fan or if you like or dislike onions and green peppers there is sure to be a sandwich to your liking. Their fries are also deviously concocted to include cheese, bacon or even steak and cheese!!!

My first encounter came a while back when I invited a friend of mine to try it out as he is a huge cheesesteak fan. A day or two before I had stumbled upon their menu so I knew I had to pack an appetite. I decided to order The Monument, their most intimidating sub. This collosal concoction comes with thinly sliced rib-eye topped with American cheese, bacon and cheese whiz and stuffed with french fries and ketchup. If that wasn't enough I decided to order a side of bacon cheese fries to push my meal on the brink of caloric insanity.

(The Monument with Bacon Cheese Fries)

Armed with an appetite for the ages I tried my hardest to tackle this gargantuan meal. Like most of my daring attempts I failed to tackle this meal. I was able to successfully eat the entire sub but was immediately thrown into food a coma. From what I can remember from this hazy experience which put me in a state of drunkenness was that the meat was juicy, the cheese oozing out and the bacon full of flavor. I liken this sandwich to a meat orgy that is just naughty in every way. I felt guilty and vulnerable after finishing this bad boy off, so much so that I had to take a two month hiatus from eating here again.
Of all the sandwiches I have tried my favorite has to be the Ben Franklin which is their most basic cheesesteak served with cheese whiz as opposed to provolone cheese which I top off with a side order of french fries which I drench with vinegar and hot sauce.

(Ben Franklin with Fries)

All in all my numerous experiences here have been met with nothing but pleasure. Their food is spot on, the service is prompt and their late night hours on the weekends test my will power. Every night I am on U St. I walk by this place and immediately begin feeling the drunk munchies.

If you are a cheesesteak fan I definitely recommend giving this place a try. No matter what your philosophy is for this sandwich the numerous options will surely give you an ideal choice. If you are still unsatisfied with your options you can order the "U" special which allows you to build your own sub with unlimited toppings. The only thing you need to bring when you go here is your appetite which will be quenched.

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