Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thunder Burger & Bar

Our next stop takes us to Thunder Burger & Bar which serves up some unique burgers and has an extensive beer list to make it the best of both worlds. Located right on M St. next to Thomas Jefferson St. this bar/restaurant resembles it's rock star decor with burgers and beer that have attitude.

My first visit came over a year ago when they had just opened. What initially caught my eye was that their menu of burgers were spinoffs of famous Beatles songs such as Love me Tender or Portobello Road. After reading the description of each burger I became highly interested in giving this place a try.

I decided to take a friend of mine to go and try some of their burgers. I first got a Venison burger which has since been taken off the menu while my friend got a Bison burger called the Buffalo Stomp. While we both enjoyed the unique flavor combinations of our burgers we weren't overly thrilled with our meals. After this visit I took a year long hiatus from this place only stopping by for an occasional beer for happy hour.

Recently I began working in the Georgetown area so naturally I was more inclined to visit this place. I decided to invite the same friend for my next visit after work. When I read the menu I noticed that it had experienced a vast transformation. When I asked about it the bartender informed me that a new chef had recreated the menu to keep it's general dynamic but offer better flavor.

(Beer Flight)

We both started off with a beer flight which comes with 3 beers of your choosing. While I am not the beer connoisseur I can easily say that this place offers a large list of quality brews. From their homemade Thunder Lager to Flying Dog and even DC Brau this list is sure to appease any beer enthusiast. I tried the Southampton Double White Ale, Duck Rabbit Milk Stout, and the Sam Adams Rustic Saison all of which I enjoyed.

We followed this up with a pair of burgers, I myself was feeling like having a light meal so I decided to order the O Fortuna which consists of ahi tuna served rare with watercress, caramelized red onions, tomato and wasabi mayo. My friend ordered the Thunder burger which is essentially a plain burger that you can top with a number of condiments.

(O Fortuna)

My burger was both light and refreshing. The tuna was well seasoned and the hard crust sealed in all the juices. I was delighted with both the taste as well as the lack of dread and guilt that came after devouring it. The fries were also very plesant, the were double fried and topped with garlic herbs and sea salt. Both of us felt that this new chef had upgraded the appeal to this restaurant so we have since been coming more often.

Recently I have been going to catch a quick half of the Champions league during lunch. I have also had a couple more happy hours here as well as some early dinners. I have sampled most of their beers as well as a number of burgers. One of the most exotic I have had was their Elk burger which offered a very different taste than their other burgers. I have also sampled their crab, bison and kobe beef burgers.

(Elk River Falls)

I have yet to try their Born to Wild which consists of Boar meat but can tell you that it has gotten rave reviews from what I have read. I also want to try their Big Pimpin which comes with Kobe Beef and Foie Gras and is valued at $23.

All in all I give this place two thumbs up. They serve solid burgers and have a good beer selection. This is a great place to both get a drink or get some food so if you are in Georgetown I would definitely give this place a try, it is one of the few late night gems in the neighborhood.

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