Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Our U St. expedition continues with Chix, a restaurant dedicated to healthy eating and environmental sustainability. Owners Lukas Umana and Victoria Garcia built this establishment with the premise of serving healthy, natural latin inspired dishes at affordable prices.

Their two main goals are providing healthy dining options and promoting environmental friendliness. The is done by purchasing local organic products as well as using recyclable materials and wind power via clean currents. From top to bottom Chix promotes this ideology with the hope of spreading this positive message.

My first visit came on a Saturday afternoon right after a long run. I went solo so I decided to order for take-out. I was also fairly hungry so I decided to order 1/2 of a chicken which comes with 2 sides. Their chicken comes in three different marinades all of which sounded fairly tasty.

I decided to go with the Chix chicken with noodles and cheese and brown rice with beans. The meal cost me $12 which is not that bad for the amount of food you are getting. I received my order promptly and walked home to quench my appetite.

(Chix Chicken with noodles and cheese & black beans with brown rice)

I started off with the chicken which was moist and flavorful. The seasoning was spot on but flavor did not penetrate deep enough. I found the inner portions of the meat to be a bit bland which was disappointing because it had potential. What did elevate the flavor was the spicy green salsa that accompanied my meal. While not as spicy as advertised when I chose it the flavor paired well with the moist chicken.

After eating half my chicken I decided to move on to my sides. I started off with the brown rice and beans which I topped off with spanish crema. The moment my tung came into contact with these ingredients I was whisked away to my younger days when I ate spanish food on a daily basis. Next I approached the vermicelli noodles which are baked with cheddar cheese and bread crumbs. I found them to be average at best mainly because they lacked any blast of flavor.

Overall my first experience was average, there were no high points nor low points. The food was spot on but it wasn't spectacular. For my next visit I decided to try their Caribbean curry chicken wrap. The wrap consisted of chicken, brown rice and an assortment of vegetables all topped off with a curry mustard sauce.

(Caribbean curry chicken wrap)

Heres the wrap (no pun intended), overall the components were all very tasty but the curry failed to step up to the challenge. It failed to penetrate deep into the chicken (again a problem with the seasoning) and didn't mesh well with the corn and green peppers. I simply ate this meal because I needed to eat, I didn't hate it but I didn't love it.

All in all Chix serves average food at fair prices. While their food didn't blow me away I think I will continue to be a customer there to support their ideology which aligns with my principles. They do have a great lunch special which consists of 1/4 of a chicken with 2 sides for $6.50 which is as good as you can get in this city.

On a side comment they should probably reconsider changing their logo as it looks fairly similar to the old twitter symbol. Just an observation.

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