Sunday, January 9, 2011

Luther Burger

Opening the new year I decided to circumvent the traditional backstop of starting anew, mainly eating healthy as is observed in the USA and decided to try one the most unhealthiest burgers in America.

I invited a hand-full of friends over to try the infamous Luther Burger. The origins of this caloric catastrophe are debated time and time again, but what can be agreed upon is it's allure. It's rise to prominence is a recent phenomena due mainly to the intrigue and disgust that it raises.

Some see it as the culmination of American gluttony, others as an unbreakable impediment towards sliming up American's waistlines. I saw it as something new and interesting to try.

My first exposure to this was on CNN and later on a Food Network special. I looked up the recipe from various sources including Paula Dean and the St. Louis Baseball stadium that serves them. The recipe calls for krispy kreme doughnuts, ground beef, bacon and cheddar cheese. It took about an hour to make them from scratch. With each second that passed my anticipation to devour this devilish concoction grew exponentially.

The first bite I took was preceded with both fear and excitement. Once I dug in a wave of guilt hit me because I could not believe that it was deviously delightful. The sweetness of the caramelized sugar and savoriness of the bacon and cheese produced a flavor combination that is becoming increasingly popular.

The only other meal that reminds me of this is the bacon ice cream and waffles that I had at Restaurant 13, other than that I cannot fully explain what I experienced that night. I was also astonished that I felt fine after finishing it.

There are two ways that you can make it, you can cut the doughnut in half and sandwich it in between the burger or you can be adventurous and use two doughnuts. While I am adventurous I decided to pass on the latter and chose the former. My friends on the hand chose the latter and did not have any problem finishing off their burgers.

After all of this I can stand here and say that I will make these burgers in the future. The taste was very interesting and the experience was even better.

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