Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hello everyone welcome to my food and drink blog. I am a lifelong resident of Washington DC who has experienced his fair share of gourmet this city has to offer. Despite the fact that I have lived in this city my whole life I have yet to scratch the surface of the fine dining and cultural expose. In a city with a vast array of cultural influences you can always find something new to taste or experience.

It is the job of this blog to introduce and catalogue my experiences as well as offer a critique to the food I try and bars I visit. I hope my experiences offer a great insight and motivate my followers to try something new. I love to share my experiences with everyone who choses to read and am open to any critique. I would love feedback on my posts as well as suggestions of where to go next and what to try.

I am also open to share these experiences with anyone who is open to try something new because in the end, life is all about enjoying yourself and this is what I enjoy doing.

Thanks, hope you enjoy what I have to offer

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