Monday, August 30, 2010

Sacrificial Lamb Kabobs & Wraps

Every sunday night I browse through Campus Food to look for something quench my hunger for the last meal of the week. I usually stick to the same three or four places to satisfy my hunger. But every once an a while a new place appears on the site that arouses my suspicion.

This past week I stumbled on a local Indian eatery called Sacrificial Lamb Kabobs & Wraps. While I have to admit that I chose to eat here solely based on it's humorous title I have to say I was quite surprised by it's taste. I decided to try the lamb wrap (pictured below) with fries, my sister had a gyro with fries.

(Lamb Wrapped in Naan with Fries)

My assessment for the quality of this meal can be eloquently summed up in one word, scrumtrulescent. The softness of the flan along with the tenderness of the lamb all put together with an assortment of spices and sauces that produced the equivalent of an Punjabi atom bomb in my mouth. While that last statement may be a bit over the top I really did enjoy it and will get the opinion of some of my Indian friends in the near future.

I also tried the buttered chicken with chic peas (pictured below) which was also tremendously delicious. After both meals I left myself asking why I have yet to indulge myself more in Indian culture. I plan to eat here again and try something else on the menu which is expanding in the near future.

(Buttered Chicken with Chickpeas)

This restaurant is located near Dupont Circle and offers both carry-out and delivery to certain neighborhoods. The prices are reasonable and the delivery took less than 45 minutes to come on a sunday night which very good based on my past experiences with other local restaurants.

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