Sunday, August 29, 2010


I thought that I should dedicate my first post to one of my local favorites. Sweetgreen is an eco-friendly salad bar with various locations around the DC area. This chic fast-food restaurant offers an array of health salads with fresh ingredients. You can choose from eight salads or choose to make your own. They also offer gluten-free frozen-yogurt that can be topped with fresh fruit.

I have tried the caesar reggiano, derby cobb (pictured below), guacamole greens, and bondi. I thoroughly enjoyed every salad with the exception of the bondi. Their frozen yogurt offers a delectable and satisfying alternative to sugary and fat dessert. Sweetgreen strives on offering it's customers with healthy choices and being eco-friendly by having everything in their store comply with green standards. From their recycled utensils to their furniture Sweetgreen is ideal location for the enviornmentally conscience or anyone looking to get a quick healthy meal.

(Derby Cobb Wrap with Watermelon Lemonade)

Although a bit pricy (around $10 for a meal) I highly recommend this place to everyone who enjoys healthy food. On a side note the drinks are interesting, although I tried the watermelon lemonade I would not recommend it.

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