Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Greek Spot

When you hear the or see the word Greece your initial thought at least recently has been their debt crisis as well as the perilous times facing the European Union. This unfortunate circumstance has taken away from our previous perception of Greece including their wonderful history in fine art, literature and food. The latter of these characteristics is the purpose of this post and takes us to one of the best dining spots for Greek food in the city.

The Greek Spot is small shop as its name indicates located right off of U St. Being a big fan of Greek food since my childhood I found it almost offensive that it took me until last year to visit this establishment. A close friend during my childhood was Greek so I would remember going over and having Tyropitakia, Horiatiki Salata and Baklava to name a few. For those whose knowledge of Greek cuisine is limited to Gyros use the power of Google to look up these dishes to enhance your knowledge and culinary palate.

Although rather small and visually unappealing The Greek Spot offers some of best and most authentic Greek food I have had to date. Before my personal discovery I was limited to a small number of shops to get Greek food, which was limited mostly to a salad or Gyro. But the menu here far surpasses what I have seen in this city and my personal knowledge of Greek cuisine.

My litmus test for any Greek restaurant is their Gyro. Now I know I just lambasted people who didn’t know anything beyond this dish but that speaks volumes to its popularity. Although its origin lies in Turkey (bet you didn’t know that) gyros are most commonly associated as traditional dish of Greece, at least from an American perspective. During my visit I decided to get a Gyro which I ordered with tzatziki sauce, an option that I recommend you do as well. I took it out to their small outdoor dining section with my friend and basked in a typical summer afternoon on U St.


Once seated we began to devour our meals as ruthlessly as the Achaeans during the Trojan War. The lamb was oozing with flavor and permeated with an array of spices that blended perfectly. The feta, onions, lettuce and tzatziki added their own dimensions to create the best gyro I have ever tried. Their platter included their own seasoned fries which were also very tasty. I accompanied my meal with a bottled Fanta and a small Baklava. After our meal was finished we both basked in the sun and lightly reminisced the culinary experience that had just passed.

Delighted by my experience I have continued to visit; from the occasional drunk munchies run to the Saturday afternoon post run The Greek Spot never disappoints. Another dish I like is the Chicken Souvlaki which consists of small portions of grilled chicken, feta, tomatoes and cucumbers. The chicken itself is marinated in an array of spices grilled on a skewer. You can also choose pork if that is your preference.

(Chicken Souvlaki)

The Souvlaki was good, the chicken was moist and the marinated well. The vegetables that accompanied it went well and made for a fair dish. If I to make a choice I would prefer a gyro or even a falafel but that is not taking away from the taste of the dish.

In conclusion The Greek Spot is a destination that needs your attention. The food is fantastic, the service is quick and the prices are beyond reasonable for joy that will ensue. I would recommend ordering take out or if you live in the area they also deliver. While going to Greece may be the only way to truly experience the elegance of their food visiting The Greek Spot is a much cheaper alternative.

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