Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bar Pilar

Our tour of 14th street takes us to one of my favorite neighborhood destinations. Bar Pilar serves it patrons New American cuisine along with an assortment of fine cocktails and beers. Located between S & T St. Bar Pilar presents the ambiance of a European café paired with an eclectic menu.

The interior offers hints of classical rustic design. The exposed brick walls are adorned with classical posters while the chandeliers offer dim lighting which meshes well with the classical design of the bar. The space itself is very small which provides for a very intimate setting that I believe the owners intended on.

My first few visits were solely for drinks during impromptu gatherings or happy hours. I then decided to have an afternoon lunch during which time I sampled an assortment of wines and cheeses. Their menu is based on the local ingredients available at the time sot it rotates by season.

My main culinary attraction is their brunch menu which I have sampled extensively. My most recent visit came this past Saturday with a good friend of mine. I was laboring from a miniscule hangover which was the result of red wine, rum and bourbon from the past night. To remedy this ill I decided to order their Hangover cure and a Bacon Bloody Mary.

(Bacon Bloody Mary)

The former is a messy concoction of eggs with cheese, biscuits, sausage gravy, home fries, ketchup and sriracha sauce while the latter is a classic drink combined with our recent obsession of bacon. While visually and structurally unappealing the hangover cure was menacingly good to the extent that a cloud of caloric guilt hovered over me for the rest of the day. While I am not the biggest fan of Bloody Mary’s I did enjoy it and saved the juicy alcohol covered slather of bacon until the end.

My friend ordered a couple of eggs and a plate of toast and mocked every bite I took seeing as though our roles seemed to be reversed on this day (I am usually weary of eating anything particularly unhealthy, especially in the morning). After our meal my mild hangover subsided and I did not feel the overbearing weight of my meal which was fairly delightful.

(The Hangover Cure with Toast)

The minimalist approach of this venue is what drives me to continue to return. In the future I hope to extensively sample their lunch and dinner menu again which I would characterize as New American tapas. I enjoy the intimate setting especially when it is less crowded which is not the norm.

In conclusion Bar Pilar is a fantastic destination for both drinks and food. The crowd is a bit older and sophisticated; I myself have felt a bit out of place at times but don’t let that discourage you. They have a small patch of outdoor seating which gives you a nice view of 14th St. During the weekend it can get crowded at which point I believe it loses some value. Great brunch, a diverse beer selection and some interesting cocktails make this an establishment to try if you haven’t already.

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