Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gravy Train Poutinerie (Los Angeles)

All aboard!!! Our next stop on my never ending food adventure takes us to another food truck in the Los Angeles area. The Gravy Train Poutinerie is another of the multiple food vendors that roams around the greater Los Angeles area. This particular truck serves patrons a number of different takes on poutine.

For those who are unaware of what poutine is, it's a fantastic and scrumptious snack from our peaceful neighbors to the north. In its most traditional form poutine consists of french fries lathered in gravy and cheese curds. The dish has become wildly popular over the years and is very famous in Jersey diners. I have had quite a few experiences with this dish and have come to love it, in fact I reviewed a truck similar to this in DC which has since closed.  

Every Wednesday a few trucks congregate in a lot near my apartment in Santa Monica. This hump day festival draws sparse crowds throughout the night and has become somewhat of bi-monthly ritual with two of my friends. Last month we attended because one of my friends, a native of New Jersey was dying to try this truck.

We arrived around seven to get a quick bite to eat before watching a movie nearby. I hadn't had my mind set on this truck so I perused around to see if there was anything else I would rather have. After a quick go round I decided to try this truck with my friend. They offer a variety of different takes on this dish including an Americanized version with tater tots and a fried egg or a Philadelphia style with grilled peppers, onions and steak both of which had me salivating.

I decided to go crazy and order their poutine sliders which consist of to miniature burgers topped with cheese curds, gravy and a side of fries. Being the glutton that I am I decided to cram as many fries as I could into each bun and eat with reckless abandon. 

The patties were a bit bland but the poutine enhanced the flavor and complexity of the dish. My friend had the traditional poutine by itself and allowed me to sample. I then had a few moments of nostalgia, times past with my old roommate who introduced me to this food and all the times we devoured in after a night of debauchery. I also remember the DC truck which had poutine on top of a hot dog which to date is one of the most disgusting/amazing meals I have had. 

(Poutine Sliders)

All in all I was satisfied with my meal. It was filling, well priced and tasted good. While I liked what I had I don't think this truck particularly screams for my attention. I wouldn't die to try this again but would recommend giving it a try if you love poutine or are interested in stuffing your face with fries and gravy. 

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