Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dogtown Dogs (Los Angeles Food Truck)

The food truck scene has been latest fad in an ever changing industry. I documented it well in DC where it is still in its infancy and now that I live in LA I get to explore the birthplace of this industry. 

Currently I live and work in Santa Monica without a car so getting to any food trucks during my lunch break is a bit difficult and I have also been a bit lazy in finding online trackers as well as researching any particular trucks I wanted to find. Living here for just about 6 months now my sole experience with the mobile food industry came during a random outing on a Saturday night in Culver City. 

I knew this had to stop so I made a real effort to reserach any gatherings that take place nearby. While consulting with some friends I found out that there was a huge gathering of them on the first Friday of each month along a prosperous street called Abbot Kinney in Venice beach.  

(Image Via Yelp)

I walked after work along the lovely beach neighborhoods and through main street until I hit the famous stretch. In the past I used to go to food truck festivals every Friday in Downtown DC and be amazed at the 20 or so food stands that encircled the park. But after a couple of  I became a bit bored because I knew every truck there and had either tried them or had no inclination to. This was not the case here, in fact it was one of the few instances in my life were I felt overwhelmed at the shear amount of options I had in front of me. 

I did not let it overtake me because I came destined to try the famous grilled cheese truck which I had watched on Food Network. I started from the beginning of street and walked down what seemed like an endless array of shops, bars and food trucks. When I came to the end of the line I saw a small lot where a couple of trucks had aggregated. The first truck I laid my eyes on was Dogtown Dogs which is one of the more famous ones in LA that serves hot dogs slathered with variety of off the wall toppings. 

(Tater Tots)

After briefly scanning the menu I instantly became torn. If you do not know I absolutely love hot dogs and find it paramount that I meet a quota, if not I start to viciously crave them. It had been a couple of weeks since my last dog so once I saw the truck my cravings for one reached a 10 on the Oscar Mayer Scale. As hard as it was I decided to stick to my guns and look for the grilled cheese. I found it in the same lot and was ecstatic until I realized the line stretched longer than the sands of time. 

I knew then and there that it was my destiny to get my fix tonight and this truck would provide it. I gave the truck another quick scan and ended up ordering their Morning Commute and some tater tots. The Morning Commute consists of a dog wrapped in bacon which is adorned with a fried egg on top. I felt a bit devious ordering this, once it was handed to me I looked through my peripheral vision in search of anyone who would judge me for what I was about to eat. 

(Morning Commute)

I did my best golem impersonation (kidding) and took refuge to a place where I could enjoy this cylindrical concoction of mysterious ingredients wrapped in bacon with a runny egg. Having little to nothing to eat the whole day I bit in with reckless abandon. The dog was juicy and well flavored, the bacon wrapped around it made it even better and the egg wrapped everything together. Before I could even blink I finished the whole thing. I then proceeded to text any friends that have a similar passion for hot dogs this picture while I munched on some tater tots. I then stood there contemplating getting another hot dog but decided to pass.

I left feeling good with the decision I made. While this was not the path I had chosen, I ended up at a crossroads and changed course which is what happens to all of us everyday. Not only did I have a great meal, I now know of another truck that I will be keeping my eye on. If you love hot dogs like me and are in the Los Angeles area I recommend giving these guys a shot. They have a number of other flavor options that are sure to raise your eyebrows.   

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