Friday, August 31, 2012

Basil Thyme!

Bonjourno, our food truck expedition takes us on a tour of Italian cuisine. Basil Thyme, headed by Brian Farrell and Malik Umar has become recognized both locally and nationally as one of the best food trucks. The truck serves a variety of different lasagnas and cannolis to local residents looking to quench their appetites or carb up for the afternoon sit-down marathon in their cubicle.

Basil Thymes fame have made it a must try in the city and there are no signs of slowing. Its current popularity has boosted it to 2nd best food truck in City Papers “Best of” issue and 4 ½ stars on Yelp. Despite all of these accolades I somehow never tried this truck until this past year. Overlooking this truck wasn’t because of a lack of cognizance or interest but just something that slipped the cracks.

(Image via I heart food DC

My first visit came around March when I took to the streets of Foggy Bottom while running some errands. I spotted the truck and decided to finally give it a try. I will be forthright in saying that I am not the biggest fan of Italian cuisine. I think lasagna, pasta, and pizza are all great foods but I cannot for the life of me think of an instance where I have craved any of these dishes. Regardless of my attitude I calmly waited in line browsing the selection of lasagnas. I decided on ordering the Lisetta which consists of slow roasted pork in a vodka sauce.  I took it back to the office and enjoyed my meal. The portion size was perfect for me and the side salad balanced out the dish leaving me quenched.

While I did not salivate like Garfield at the thought of trying the truck again I always kept the option open should there be another opportunity. This chance presented itself a couple of weeks ago when the truck visited M St. Still recovering from the removal of my wisdom teeth I thought Lasagna would a good option. To my chagrin the line was the longest of the three other food trucks in the area. I remember the afternoon vividly as it was one of the first days of excruciating humidity known as a DC summer. As I watched people in line melting away I began to second guess my decision of eating warm lasagna on a brutal day. I stuck to my guns and waited in line because in reality the heat did not bother me at all.

(Linda Lasagna)  

Once my turn came I was glistening like a chicken in the oven and seriously considered walking to an ice cream store to order a banana split. I scratched that thought and decided to order the Linda which is their most popular dish. It is a traditional lasagna that consists of seasoned beef with tomato sauce. I also ordered the cannoli of the day which in this case was chocolate chip. 

I took my food and found shelter underneath a tree with my friend. While she giggled with amusement from my infant like approach to eating food I was savoring the flavors of a well composed dish. The lasagna was a hit but I was sad that I could not fully enjoy every bite without a throbbing pain in my mouth. After finishing off the platter I could not find any room for the cannoli so I took it back to the office to have as an afternoon snack.  

(Chocolate Chip Cannoli) 

About an hour after my lunch I found the need to snack on the aforementioned Italian treat. The cannoli was refreshing and well flavored. After finishing it I could only wish that I had another to split with a friend. My meal was a combo which came with a soda and run me $12 which is fairly reasonable in DC or any major city these days. 

All in all Basil Thyme does right in my book. While I am a huge fan of this particular cuisine I can easily see myself getting food from this truck if they were in my neighborhood. Now that I have moved to the other coast our expedition embarks on the LA food truck scene which most consider the birth of mobile cuisine. Until next time, arrivederci!

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