Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bagels Etc.

Bagels are one of the rare foods that I have on a consistent basis. These round mounds of delectable dough are a staple in my arsenal of consumption. I have to have at least one a week to satisfy myself and try hard not to exceed this because of the repercussions to my waistline. 

Unfortunately I do not live in New York City so finding a dependable bagel shop in DC is quite a task.  Visiting the former shed light on the lack of quality in the latter. With years of experience scouring this city I have learned the select few places that serve bagels that meet my reasonable standards. One such shop is Bagels Etc. which specializes in dishing out an array of unique flavors. 

As it's name indicates Bagels Etc. specializes in serving this famous breakfast meal. Nowhere in this city have I found such a unique variety of flavors including but not limited to Chocolate, Cherry, Egg, Blueberry, and even Jalapeno. These crazy flavors can be accompanied by equally unique cream cheeses including strawberry and blueberry.

Located on P St. between Dupont Circle and Georgetown Bagels Etc. offers its patrons an array of breakfast sandwiches for the morning crowd. They also have a number of other options for lunch but their hours are geared more toward the morning rush.    

(Sausage, Egg and Cheese on an Everything Bagel)

Because of their hours I can only stop by during my morning commute which I do from time to time. I usually order an everything bagel with cream cheese and save it for lunch. But if I am hungry in the morning which is an anomaly I go for their breakfast sandwiches. My go to sandwich is their sausage, egg and cheese which I always get on an everything bagel.  This delicious combination of meat and cheese always quenches my appetite and is reasonably priced. 

This past week I went outside of my comfort zone by deciding to order a cherry bagel with strawberry cream cheese. While the picture below looks more like a giant pill of Pepto-Bismol then a bagel I can assure you that it tasted very good. This experience enticed me to try their chocolate bagel as well which I found equally interesting. 

(Cherry Bagel with Strawberry Cream Cheese)

While both convenient and reasonably priced Bagels Etc. does not have the best bagels in this city. My commitment with this establishment stems more on the deficiencies this city has with producing quality bagels. In fact the market for bagels in this city marked an epiphany. Before my visit to New York I could not fathom the idea that you could make bad bagels. But alas I have to work with what I am given which leads me to recommend this establishment as one of the few destinations for quality bagels.

All in all I would recommend trying Bagels Etc. especially if you are interested in trying some of the whacky flavors I have listed. They do have early hours so if you are like me and want a bagel for dinner then you need to look elsewhere. The service is fast and the clientele are more than gracious. They do however accept cash only so I would bring some, they do have an ATM inside but I doubt anyone would want to pay those extravagant fees.  

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