Saturday, August 27, 2011

Box Frites

Our next stop takes us to the Washington Nationals Park, home to a number of intriguing food options. The stadium like the team are both fairly new to our city and this past year a number of new dining options have arisen in the Miller Life Scoreboard Walk. This small public area houses a number of new editions including the recently mentioned Shake Shack.

Having already sampled Shake Shack I decided to try Box Frites, another import from New York City. Box Frites drew it's origins in Citi Field which is home to the New York Mets and has recently expanded it's franchise to our nations capital. Known for serving up some crispy fries with an array of off the wall sauces I decided to brave the inevitably long stadium lines to sample one of my favorite foods.

While I line I surveyed the rather simple menu that gave you the option of having plain or garlic-parmesan frites which come with an assortment of dipping sauces including Chipotle Ketchup, Ballpark Mayo, Blue Cheese, Rosemary Ranch and Smoke Bacon Aioli. Having already tried garlic-parmesan fries at another establishment I decided to order a large frites with a side of Smoke Bacon Aioli.

Although the other sauces were appealing I for one cannot give up the opportunity of sampling anything that has bacon incorporated in it. After paying a reasonable chunk of change for my meal I grabbed the piping hot box and walked towards my seat.

(Large Frites with Smoke Bacon Aioli Sauce)

Once seated I began to slowly enjoy each individual morsel which was cooked to crisp perfection. The frites were salted well and were large and crispy which is my preference. The bacon aioli was also magnificent and did a fantastic job complimenting the fries. My own greed eventually got the best of me as I prematurely ran out of the sauce but was not frazzled because I enjoyed the frites themselves.

In the lexicon of stadium concessions we are accustomed for overpaying for average food. I am glad to inform the general public that in this case we can ignore our past experiences. While it is a simple product Box Frites does a phenomenal job at providing patrons with quality food at a somewhat reasonable price. My only hope is that the other concessions that I will sample in the future produce the same results.

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